Late Career Milestones

Festschrift − E. De la Barrera and W.K. Smith, eds. 2009. Perspectives in Biophysical Ecophysiology: A Tribute to Park S. Nobel. UNAM (Universidad Nactional Autónoma de México), Mexico City. 400 pp.

Opening Plenary Lecturer, II International Symposium on Agaves: "Climate Changes and Agaves: Are there Physiological Problems?" Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, October 2014.


By Park S. Nobel − 2014 − for Agave Symposium

I'm dreaming of their radiating leaves
Piercing fingers, stabbing enemies, deterring thieves
One hundred fifty mostly monocarpic species
All surviving with little water!

Most flower once and then perish expended
Gaining CO2 via Crassulacean acid metabolism
I love their fibers, pulque, mescal, and tequila
All hail our noble agaves!

Honorary Congress President and Opening Plenary Lecturer, IX International Congress on Cactus Pear and Cochineal: "CAM Metabolism: Advantages for a Hotter and Regionally Drier World." Coquimbo, Chile, March 2017.


By Park S. Nobel − 2017 – for Cactus Congress

I'm dreaming of cactus spines
Piercing fingers, deterring thieves
Nearly 1,700 special species
All surviving with little water!

Cladodes loved by man and beast
Their delicious fruits do delight
Cactus pears, pitayas, pitahayas
And the plants will survive heat!

Unique form, special function
Lo, the precious cochineal dye
Crassulacean acid metabolism
We all hail our noble cacti!