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Research Opportunities in the Sork Lab


Students who would like to conduct independent study in our lab can consider projects in one of the topics below. Students normally begin by assisting in an ongoing project and then advance to more independent study.

Prerequisites: Coursework in ecology, evolution, and/or experience with field research, molecular techniques, or bioinformatics.

In addition to independent study, we have a limited number of funded positions available. To check for availability, please email vlsork@ucla.edu.

International visitors

Our lab has a strong tradition of international scientists, postdocs, and doctoral students who visit the lab for 2-12 months to collaborate on specific research projects. Normally, these visits are funded by the visitor, with research support from Victoria Sork. If interested, please email vlsork@ucla.edu.

Postdoctoral scholars

Victoria Sork has occasional funding for postdoctoral associates. Please email vlsork@ucla.edu to see if an opening will be soon, or if you would like to jointly develop a proposal.