Postdoctoral fellows

If you are interested in postdoctoral fellowship in my group please contact me directly to discuss openings and funding opportunities. Ideal candidates have experience in the following fields: computational biology, statistical genetics, evolutionary genetics, computer science, or applied mathematics. Proficiency in programming (using any language) is essential (and preferably candidates will have experience with various tools, e.g., C++, R/Matlab, python/perl).

Graduate students

Interested prospective students should contact me via e-mail. Graduate students may join the lab through various channels:
  • Applying to the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology PhD program. The EEB program includes a 1-year core curriculum and direct admittance to a research group.
  • Applying to the Interdepartmental Program in Bioinformatics PhD program. The Bioinformatics Program is a small, highly selective program that includes a 1-year rotation program and core curriculum that assumes a strong computational background.
  • Applying to the Biomathematics or Biostatistics PhD program. In this case, I can serve as your principal research advisor, but you will be formally co-advised with a member of either department.
  • Funding is available through various UCLA-administered sources including:
  • NIH Systems and Integrative Biology Training Grant
  • NIH Genomic Analysis and Interpretation Training Grant
  • Students are of course encouraged to apply for extramural funding, such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowships. For an overview of options click here.


    If you are an undergraduate interested in a research experience to prepare for a graduate school, please contact me directly to discuss the possibilities. Students with a computer programming or mathematical background who are interested in gaining exposure to problems in biology are particularly encouraged to apply. In some cases, support may be available for summer projects or extended projects throughout the school year.