* To promote and improve communication and cooperation among investigators, educators,
     environmental managers, and human communities in the five mediterranean-climate regions
     of the world.
   * To promote an awareness of the global significance of mediterranean-climate ecosystems,
     their biodiversity, and their conservation within the scientific community, resource managers,
     and the general public.
   * To promote research in all aspects of the ecology and conservation of mediterranean-
     climate regions.
   * To encourage the preservation of biodiversity in mediterranean-climate regions and to safeguard
     it for posterity for its intrinsic worth and its aesthetic and tangible values to humanity.
   * To promote education in the ecology and conservation of mediterranean-climate regions.
   * To provide expert knowledge to government and non-government agencies and organizations
     whose administrative decisions affect Mediterranean-climate habitats and their biota.
   * To encourage the establishment, improvement, maintenance and accessibility of physical
     facilities, databases, and collections of biological materials for the study of Mediterranean-
     climate ecosystems and their conservation.


To achieve its objectives, ISOMED will develop activities of scientific research, cooperation, and consultancy in Mediterranean Ecology, namely:

   * By organizing or cooperating in international General Assemblies, Symposia, Courses,
      or other meetings for the sharing of scientific knowledge;
   * By publishing and disseminating at international level the abstracts and other
      publications as a result of the scientific activities of the society;
   * By establishing and promoting cooperation and exchange of ecologists of the five regions;
   * By developing projects of common interest and consultancy at the international and national level.