Celine Snedden

PhD student
UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
4000 Terasaki Life Sciences Building
(310) 206-8203
csnedden at ucla dot edu

Broadly, my research interests lie in developing mathematical models of infectious disease dynamics. More specifically, I’m interested in designing and analyzing models that combine the drivers of within-host infection with the factors influencing population-wide disease spread. My aim is for this to be relevant to human health and have applications in informing and mitigating the risk of wide-spread pandemics.

Celine E. Snedden*, Sara K. Makanani*, Shawn T. Schwartz, Amandine Gamble, Rachel V. Blakey, Benny Borremans, Sarah K. Helman, Luisa Espericueta, Alondra Valencia, Andrew Endo, Michael E. Alfaro, and James O. Lloyd-Smith, "SARS-CoV-2: Cross-scale Insights from Ecology and Evolution", Trends in Microbiology, in press (2021). Link

Daniel J. Becker, Celine E. Snedden, Sonia Altizer, and Richard J. Hall, "Host Dispersal Responses to Resource Supplementation Determine Pathogen Spread in Wildlife Metapopulations", The American Naturalist 192, no. 4 (October 2018): 503-517. Link

* equal contribution