Welcome to the Yeh Lab!

My lab is interested in measuring, understanding, and predicting the ecological and evolutionary trajectories of populations when they encounter novel environments, particularly environments with multiple disturbances or stressors. We are especially interested in how the stressors interact, and how these interactions ultimately affect populations. We incorporate field, lab, and theoretical tools in our work. We work on two systems, one lab-based, and one field-based. In the lab, we work on microbial evolution and how bacteria respond to multiple stressors, using antibiotics as stressors. In the field, we work on avian urban ecology and evolution, specifically on how dark-eyed juncos and house sparrows are affected by the urban landscape and unique urban stressors.

Pamela Yeh
Associate Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
310.825.7441 (office)
310.825.7455 (lab)

Mailing Address
621 Charles E. Young Drive, South
Los Angeles, CA 90095