Eating Our Way To Civility: A Dinner Party Guide

Daniel T. Blumstein



Cooking tools

Some secrets to time efficient cooking       

Preparing your house         



How to use this book           

Ground rules

What are ethics?  What are civic responsibilities?           

How being concerned about global warming can inform our choice of what to eat    



Eat compassionately

Eat low on the food chain   

Eat locally and seasonally   

Eat natural foods with minimal packaging         

Avoid waste  

Eat organic if you can          

Consumption control           

What about taxes:  should they be used to motivate behavior?

Is our food too cheap?         


Pets and children     

Our ecological impact          

Auto use and oil dependency         

Environmental education and environmentalism           

Is there such thing as sustainability?  And, if so, is democracy compatible with sustainability?     

Avoiding Type III problems



What is a carbon footprint?

Why are your decisions about what to eat so important for your carbon footprint?  

If fishing is regulated, why are fish threatened or endangered?           

Eat eco-labeled wild-caught fish when possible  

What happens when you take all the large fish from the sea?  

Why is free-range beef better for you (and the animals) than feedlot beef?  

Fish farming:  unless youŐre eating tilapia, itŐs probably good to avoid farmed fish    

Reducing, reusing, recycling:  The pleasures of thrift stores      

The energy of cooking:  mostly an issue of food selection.          

Energy Star appliances are a good idea    

Bioconcentration of toxic chemicals in fish           

What is peak oil?    

The real cost of meat           

Agricultural subsidies:  Who wins?  Who pays?   

Political action 101  





Carrot juice   

Tomato juice 

Watermelon drinks  

Watermelon juice     

Watermelon saketini           

Watermelon vodkatini         

Meyer lemon sorbet

Mojito cocktail           

Blood orange cocktail



Good olives    

Manchego cheese     

A really good sausage          

An antipasto plate    

Blue cheese stuffed poblano chilies           


Tomato tapenade     

Hummus a la papa!  

Guacamole a la Thailand     

Watermelon with tomato caviar   

Tomatoes, basil, and cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil 

Warm figs with basil and cayenne 

Raw baby artichokes with Meyer lemon juice and aged, local Parmesan         

Baked beets with garlic balsamic dressing           

Japanese eggplant miso bites         

Baba ghanoush        

Simple mixed eggplant dip 

Fusion eggplant caviar        

Yam and sweet potato wedges       

Grilled Vegetables    

Gilled Mexican onions          

Grilled white onions 

Grilled asparagus     

Grilled broad beans (fava beans)  

Grilled red peppers 

Grilled eggplant with balsamic and herbs

South-East Asian slaw         

Spicy daikon slaw     

Leek and tomatillo salsa      



Vegetarian miso soup with soft tofu, wakame, and green onions 

Garden minestrone  

Leek and potato soup          

Black bean and tomato soup          

Cold tomato and basil soup

Lentil soup    

Zucchini soup           

Carrot soup   

Leek and apple soup           

Lobster bisque         

Pizza dough  

Pizza toppings       

Tomato basil sauce, Parmesan cheese, grilled onions, kalamata onions, and dried mushrooms        

Leek and potato, grilled onions, dried mushrooms          

Grilled Japanese eggplant, grilled onions, grilled red peppers, cilantro, Thai basil, sweet chili sauce, Parmesan cheese     

Tomato, basil and goat cheese        


Making fresh egg pasta       

Pasta with soybeans, dried mushrooms, green onions, and mint          

Penne pasta with nori, anchovies, tomatoes and kalamata olives          

Pasta with spinach, red bell peppers, and asparagus     

Pasta with olives, capers, tomatoes and walnut oil          

Chinese egg noodles with red pepper sauce        

Asparagus risotto     

Vegan vegetable eggplant lasagna 


Pan-fried Creole potatoes   

Potato slices baked with oil, rosemary and salt    

Fried rice with parsnips, mirin, and mirpoix        

Hoisin beet fried rice           

Fusion poached ling cod      

Salmon on a bed of asparagus fried rice   

Sesame crusted salmon on pan glazed fennel and baby spinach          

Tilapia marinated in bourbon and soy sauce       

Ethiopian breaded tilapia   

Tilapia curry 

FishermanŐs cod       

Ginger soy salmon    

Panko fried ling cod with mango salsa      

Fish balls with a dipping sauce      

Dry rubbed BBQ chicken    

Rabbit stew   



Fusion vinaigrette and organic greens      

Organic greens, tomatoes, avocado, seaweed with mirin dressing

Greek salad a la Westwood 

Spinach, tomato, and nori with walnut oil and mirin dressing   

Pomelo salad

Zucchini and tomato salad  



Cheese plate of local cheese with crisp apples     

Thai rice pudding    

Canned fruit sorbet 

Bananas with chocolate and cognac