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Lab overview: Researchers in my lab are engaged in a wide variety of projects that implement molecular genetic techniques in the study of ecological and evolutionary questions in marine environments. My research program is presently organized around several themes, including dispersal and connectivity in marine environments, the evolution of marine biodiversity, and marine conservation. A key aspect of our lab is scientific capacity building in the Coral Triangle, particular Indonesia. Visit the Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center to learn more about these efforts.


Paul Barber
Associate Professor
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Phone: 310-794-5349
Fax: 310-206-3987

Mailing Address:
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
621 Charles E. Young Dr. South
University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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Latests Lab News...

September 2013. Rosalia Aguilar joins the lab as a UC-Mexus postdoc.

May 2013. Tiara Moore, Camille Gaynus, Kari Jackson and Chloe Howard joing the Barber Lab for 2 months in Indonesia as part of The Diversity Project.

April 2013. Vanson Liu joins the Barber Lab as a visiting researcher from Academia Sinica.

March 2013. Diversity Project alumni, Sonia Ibarra, has her PhD work on sea otters featured in the press

March 2013.Samantha Cheng passes her qualifying exams. Congrats Sam!

February 2013. UCLA received a grant from USAID to continue and expand the Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center.

Jauary 2013. IBRC scientists Aji Anggoro and Dita Cahyani visit the Barber Lab to develop next-gen SNP methods for commercially important tuna.

Oct 2012. Diversity Project alumni, Danielle Macedo, Veronica Chaidez, and Martha Munoz attend SACNAS conference.

September 2012. Diversity Project alumni, Kadeem Gilbert (Harvard) and Sonia Ibarra (U. Alaska) start Ph.D. programs. Congrats!

August 2012. Samantha Cheng and her work on squid is featured in the Scripps College Alumni Magazine.

July 2012. A consortium of San Diego State University, UCLA, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Smithsonian, NOAA, the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Udayana University, Diponegoro University, the State University of Papua, the Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and Conservation International are awarded a five year, 5 million dollar NSF PIRE award to continue their collaborative biodiversity research in Indonesia!

July 2012. The Barber Lab Quartet's YouTube video surpasess 53,000 views!

June 2012. The Barber Lab Quartet, Allison Fritts-Penniman, Abril Iñiguez, Sara Simmonds, and Andie Chan, get noticed for their YouTube video on the Coral Triangle. Click HERE to see more about being positive role models for women in science.

June 2012. The Barber Lab heads to Indonesia for another summer of research and education programs at the Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center.

May 2012. Allison Fritts-Penniman passes her Ph.D. qualifying exam.

May 2012. Allison Fritts-Penniman receives a Lerner-Gray award for field work in Indonesia and undergraduate student Andie Chan wins the Dean's Prize at the 2012 UCLA Science Poster Day.

May 2012. The Barber Lab receives a $300,000 grant from the UC Office of the President for a new undergraduate program, "Pathways to PhDs in the marine sciences".

April 2012. Allison Fritts-Penniman and Abril Iñiguez receive Lemelson Grant to conduct field studies in Indonesia.

April 2012. Lab alumnus, Joshua Drew completes his postdoctoral studies at the Field Museum of Natural History and is offered a job at Columbia University.

April 2012. Sara Simmonds gets grant from American Society of Concologists for field research in Hawaii.

April 2012. Sara Simmonds and Allison Fritts-Penniman receive Sigma Xi grants to study ecological speciation in marine environments.

April 2012. Samantha Cheng and Hayley Nuetzel receive grants from The Explorers Club to conduct field research in Indonesia in summer 2012.

April 2012. Diversity Project 2010 alum Kadeem Gilbert gets accepted to Ph.D. program at Harvard University in Organismal and Evolutionary Biology. 2009 Diversity Project alumn, Sonia Ibarra, gets accepted to Ph.D. program at University of Alaska and is awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

April 2012. Sara Simmonds passes her Ph.D. Oral Qualifying Exam.


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